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food blog consulting on a silver platter

Who Are We?

Founded by Kelly Morrison, creator of the popular healthy living blog Foodie Fiasco, Foodie Forward is a boutique blog consulting agency. We specialize in food blogging so you only work with target experts who understand your vision and have the knowledge to make it happen. We only take on a select few clients at a time whose blogs we truly believe in, so you can get the attention you and your blog deserve. Fill out your personalized project planner (no obligation of couse, we just want you to get a feel for how we work), and we can make your blogging dreams a reality together.

Make Your Blog Shine

Through the personalized project planner, we can understand your vision and, together, we define your blog’s angle so you and your potential readers will fall head over heels for it. Moving from there, we offer a variety of services, ranging from the technical mumbo jumbo to the content, monetization, and promotion of your blog. We can set up your blog and teach you how to use it, help you find your voice, give you food photography instruction, help you make money off of it, and get out of the way so you can do your thing. Of course, we’ll always be here if you need us.

Why Work With Us?

With the fast-paced speed of the blog world and the overwhelmingly large amount of options and small amount of instruction, navigating by yourself can be really difficult (trust us, we’ve been there). There are so many aspects to growing and maintaining a successful blog, and having to teach yourself all of it can take years (again, been there done that). In just two years, Foodie Fiasco has gained hundreds of thousands of dedicated readers across the globe and has been featured in countless publications and blogs.

Are you ready to be a blog star? Make it Happen!
  • We’re right for you
  • because we know what we’re doing.
It’s your blog, your money, and frankly, it should be about you.

We tailor the entire process to what works for you because you deserve no less. Developing your brand and building you blog for stardom is a very personal process in addition to a business savvy one, and no one understands that better than we do.

In just over two years, Kelly has grown Foodie Fiasco to receive more than 500,000 monthly page views and has thousands more followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  In thirty days, Foodie Fiasco is read by over 100,00 people in 106 languages in 169 countries.  Foodie Fiasco has been featured in publications such as the Huffington Post, Shape, Babble, The Kitchn, and Family Circle, to name a few. Kelly is a veteran, and she’s ready to make you one too,

I want to hold your hand and effectively take you through your blogging journey. Other consulting agencies may not know much about food blogging and certainly won’t give you the attention and care you deserve. On top of that, they tend to charge ridiculous consulting fees that almost no blogger could afford. They’re machines. And you don’t need a machine, you need a person who cares about you, understands where you want to go, and has the expertise to get you there. Nice to meet you!

Kelly Morrison, Foodie Fiasco